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OdooPLM starting package 15

OdooPLM starting package 15

up to 15 users

Features available

  • up to 8 hours

Installation Client and Server
(in case of a brand new Odoo installation)

  • 1 Day Analysis and Customization

Remote Technical Analysis for the PLM inplementation,
customization of the BOM Report and CustomProcedures

  • 3 sessions Remote Standard Training

OnLine Training and assistance for the usage of OdooPLM
(with tokens of 1 hour each)

  • 2 sessions Remote Training on the job

OnLine Training and assistance for the usage of OdooPLM
applied on the customer's job
(with tokens of 1 hour each)

  • Annual OdooPLM Maintenance 15

12 MONTHS Bugfixing service guarantee 

for any functional information and support


  • Note

1. The above mentioned time for the Installation Client and Server is suitable only for brand
new installations. In case of a database already in use, it would require a remote analysis
and a customized quotation.
2. All services are to be used within 12 months from the date of acceptance.
3. Each day includes up to 8 working hours
4. Quotes are in EURO
5.VAT are not applicable for Intercommunity transactions. In case of Italy, 22% VAT is to be