SolidWorks Integration new functionality

Cutted parts BOM

The new version of the integration between Solidworks and Odoo developed by OmniaSolutions allows to generate a Bom in Odoo starting from CAD Cut List.
We customize a rule to give a new automatic Part Number for each cut list item.

In the following example we used the following rule


The Designer just do the design and let the OdooPLM integration do the rest to go faster in production.


This is the designer part that the Solidworks designer use to build the cut list.

User need only to code the part and save it in Odoo, in this example I set


Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

BOM inside odoo

This BOM is created automatically during the saving procedure give at odoo all the information that is needed from the production department in order to produce the part.

As you can see we saved all cut list items recovering

  • Position (CAD Item Position)

  • New Cut List Code and automatically created product (Product)

  • Quantity (Product Quantity)

If you have a different configuration you can simply switch the configuration, make an Edit Parts or a Clone procedure to assign new Part Number.

File Name will not be renamed, only component informations will be changed in this case.

In our example I setup Part Number = OMNIA_GREZZO and then save.

Odoo image and text block

New Configuration
Here you can see the new cut list and new file geometry.

Take care that we changed also the raw material.
Odoo image and text block

New Confiuration generated a new product with a new BOM

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