New odooPLM for Odoo V10

First beta release available

We are very proud to announce our first release

A restyled release for faster and smart people

After the grate experience that we get from this excites 2016 we are very happy to release the firs beta version of our plm module for odoo.

Grete code great flexibility. we re-organize all the code and divide it to achieve the most flexible solution on the open source plm market. This version is target for everyone, from the small company that need only to save the BOM and the Product, to the bigger one that want to manage the entire company with a complete workflow.

Thanks to odoo for the great effort in this new version (V10), we are able to be more faster and more dynamic in improving our solution.

But there is still lots of think to improve before the official release. This beta version is a very stable but work in progress version, and we have a lot of new feature that have to came before the official release, we hope to enjoy the effort and we waiting for your feedback to let  our solution be the most used word-while.

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