New fixing release


As request from many, I post a list of commit comments in order to better understand what is changed with this new bux fix release.

Client Fixies:

FIX:    - Component open with wrong component infos
IMP:    - Server version computation
FIX:    - Migrated fix on open related documents from branch no_inapplication - Pep8
FIX:    - Tree structure read fix for all integrations
FIX:    - ThinkDesign bug on patterns
IMP:    - Work on options tooltips
IMP:    - Added Mark Document New to set creator user and create date equal to revision 0 ones
FIX:    - Added parameter to read part and doc properties to force return readed values
FIX:    - Mark document when advanced fix form is set
FIX:    - Added Mark document when advanced fix form is shown
IMP:    - Added logging in case of bas result
FIX:    - Fix for sale_report access error
IMP:    - Added fields_get functions for components and documents
FIX:    - Removed wirte_access from fields_get becuse odoo 10 don't have this paramenter
FIX:    - Filter component view due to click in the bom computation
IMP:    - Updated component view when checkout is clicked
FIX:    - Splitter restore state
FIX:    - Get user sign got always administrator. Now takes login user
FIX:    - Error during generating preview
FIX:    - Error during generating PDF in autocad
FIX:    - Add engineering_revision exiting the advanced form - Stop fix procedure if a file is not found and not continue - Launch message if the procedure of fix fails
FIX:    - Removed check for SolidWorks
FIX:    - No eng code breaks the saving
FIX:    -Set editable cells of advanced fix form

Server  Fixies:

 have a look at the commit history at the following address do not forget to chose the right branch :)

for any further information, use the following address:

  • @omniasolutions1

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