Login OdooPLM to Odoo.sh

How To

We receive a lot of request from the our customer to get more information in how to connect odooPLM to Odoo.sh.

This simple guide will help you to reach such a result.

First of all login to your odoo.sh odooPLM instance

have a look at the url: https://odooplm-13-0-895265.dev.odoo.com/

The first part is the database odooplm-13-0-895265 

To Login into odooPLM client you need to first install the cad client from the following url: Candidate    this is a very simple windows setup that allows you in a second to install the cad add-in.

Once the plugin is installed just click the login button

now the login form appear 

be sure to pres the change button as shown in the screen and fill up the new windows in the following way

fill up server and port with the following values:

Server: odooplm-13-0-895265.dev.odoo.com

Port: 80 odoo.sh use port 80 not the default 8069

Unfortunately odoo.sh dose not show the database list so you have to type it in the proper way.

After that fill up with username and password that in our case are

Username: admin

Password: admin

click the ok button and now you are able to use all the odooPLM-client comand.

for any further information send and e mail to info@omniasolutions.eu

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