How to install a odooPLM server

Debian machine

OdooPLM The OmniaSolutions way 

How to easely install a debian server suitable for odooPLM

In This tutorial i will show you how to properly set a debian server in very few steps.. so let's start:

  • Download the Debian iso net CD from here
  • Install the Debian with the minimu requirement to let it very light
  • Configure your network in such a way that the macine can rich the www.... for any truble look at DebianNetworkWiki
  • Install the following pakage as root: # apt-get install vim vsftpd ssh samba
  • Configure vsftpd
  • Configure Samba to have a share windows folder so if you need to copy some files from an windows anviroment you have a shared folder

Now you have a clean light machiene that is able to work properly.

Lets install odoo from the debian way

  • Add the key to the source list with this command: wget -O - | apt-key add -  
  • Add to the source list file the debian nightly repository deb ./   
  • Execute the apt-get update  
  • Execute the apt-get install odoo 
  • For more information have  a look at: OdooNighly 

Now login to odoo create a new database and install the odooPLM module from the odoo Apps interface

Once installed you can enjoy the functionality of our module.

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