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OdooPLM 2017

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Massive Assignament

23/Jan/2017 10:18:19   In TECHNICAL NEWS  
omniasolutions, odooplm, cad, plm, easy, load, inventor, solidworks, solidedge
helps you to load in a faster way the cad files not stored in the plm (Solidworks, Solidedge,Inventor,Odoo, Thinkdesign)

New odooPLM for Odoo V10

15/Dec/2016 09:34:41   In TECHNICAL NEWS  
omniasolutions, odoo, odooplm
New version compatible with odoo v10


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New Partnership

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OdooPLM at PyCON 7

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PLM Box How TO

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Promo video

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Odoo PLM Released

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some pictures of the event

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Testimonial Blog

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Come and meet Us

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Odoo Experience 2015

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